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The Bible tells a single story that spans the breadth of time and focuses on the saving work of God in Jesus – It’s one epic story and you’re invited to be part of it.
But have you ever thought it sounds more like a fictional story than reality? Have you ever been tempted to be part of an alternative story?
In our upcoming series, One Story: Ten Questions,  we’ll be tackling these questions head on. Each week we’ll focus in on a different part of the Bible and test how it stacks up to reality.  We’ll be addressing questions like: How can you believe the creation account when Evolution seems to disprove it? Where’s the evidence for miracles? How is it fair that God punishes good people?
If you have ever, or know of others who have, asked questions of the Bible this series is for you. Make sure to download the study material booklet.
And if you have any other questions not addressed in the studies or talks you can ask them here.
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