Latechurch is more than Sundays.  It’s about doing life together.

Watch the video and scroll down to learn about our weekly groups and our serving teams.

Growth Groups

These groups are at the heart of what God is doing at Latechurch. They’re made up of around 10 people, and meet weekly throughout school terms in people’s homes. They’re based around looking at the Bible together, praying with and for each other and doing whatever they can to help each other grow as followers of Jesus in everyday life.

If you want to be part of the Latechurch community in the long-term, being in one of these groups, or being actively connected to one, will be the best way to grow as a follow of Jesus.

You can see the study guides we’re using right here.

Teams & Serving

Kids Church

Helping the next generations to know and live for Jesus is really important to us at Latechurch. That’s why people have formed a team of leaders and helpers that mentor and teach kids aged from 8 months to grade 6.


Overseeing what we sing and how we sing it, the music team aims to lead us in singing together as an expression of our faith. We value artistic expression and commitment to easy to follow music for everyone.


The way Jesus has cared for us makes us want to care for others by serving them. Our care team does everything from visit the elderly to providing emergency food for the poor in our community.


Audio, video, code…all the behind the scenes stuff that helps us hear each other, see each other and interact across the wide world of the interwebs (!). Perfect for people who don’t want to be in front of others.


Recognising the difficulty of trying to join a new church community like Latechurch, this team does everything for being the first to say hi on a Sunday night through to help connect new people with new friends at Latechurch.


Because we know not everyone find it easy to be part of a church our community team creates events to give us opportunities to get know others. the team organises, advertises, invites and attends for all kinds of events!


Can you make things pretty? Or at least clear enough for others to understand. Our design team put together brochures, booklets and posters to help others know what we’re doing and how to be involved.


We believe God hears and answers our prayers. One of the most powerful things we can do is mobilise God’s people to pray for and with each other. The prayer team keeps us aware of what’s important to pray for and leads us in prayer in Sunday night services.


High school is a tricky time. Our Youth Church team mentors High School kids through these years with Jesus. They lead small groups, go to Youth church, and keep in touch with their kids throughout the week.


This team helps us capture how the lives of people at Latechurch are changed by Jesus. They do everything needed to make the short video we use throughout Latechurc from location scouting, shooting, post production and whatever it takes.


We’re called to take the gospel to the nations, and right now this nation needs the gospel taken to it. Our outreach team is all about organising and advertising opportunities for people to bring their friends to hear about Jesus. Not everyone in the team has to be an up front person, you just have to want to see it happen.


Take up the privilege of being able to spend half an hour sharing the gospel with kids in SRI (special religious instruction). You don’t have to be an expert, all the materiel and training is provided. Most of the kids will be really excited to have someone young spending time with them.

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