Live Free – Galatians Studies

Join one of our weekly Growth Groups. It’s a great opportunity to meet others from Latechurch and jump into the Bible in greater detail. To find out more details contact Dan Wilton [...]

Christmas Pageant

Every two years our church gets together to celebrate Christmas with a slightly non-traditional retelling of the Christmas story! join us this year on Sunday Dec 13 to see the Jerusalem news. [...]

Working Bee

Our next MPC wide working bee is on Saturday 6th of December. Anyone can turn up to help keep the facilities in good shape.

Update on New Pastor for 2016

Most of you are aware that Mitch and Maddie will be leaving Latechurch at the end of 2015, and as a result we’re currently working on the how and who of a Latechurch pastor from 2016 onward. This [...]


On the last Sunday in September we’ll take a look at heaven. Lots of the time heaven seems quite boring. An existence wafting about in the clouds doing nice things with lots of niceness and [...]

Food for Thought

Over a delicious meal, Mike Raiter will unpack the key differences between Islam and Christianity. Sept 3 at 6:30pm. Get tickets here.

Judges Series

Until Sunday Sept 20th we’ll be looking at a series of 4 of the brilliant stories from the book of Judges where the grey and grit of real life start to take their toll on the faith of [...]

Christianity Revisted

We’re starting a new three week course that explores the heart of the message about Jesus. It looks at one of Jesus stories, that of the Prodigal Son, to look at why God sent Jesus, what [...]